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  • If you're interested in an internship with NASA, see this link: NASA Internships

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  • To learn more about classical mechanics, I suggest:
    • An Introduction to Advanced Dynamics by S.W. McCuskey (Addison-Wesley, 1959). A very clear and readable intermediate text, at about the college junior level.
    • Mechanics (3rd ed.) by Keith R. Symon. Another standard junior-level intermediate mechanics text.
    • Classical Mechanics by Herbert Goldstein (3rd ed.) (Addison-Wesley, 2001). The standard graduate-level text on advanced mechanics.
  • For some fun physics-related reading for the winter break, I suggest:
    • The Science of Interstellar by Kip Thorne and Christopher Nolan. Thorne is a well-known physicist who was involved in making the movie Interstellar from its beginning. In this book he and film director Nolan describe the physics shown in the movie.
    • Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku. A noted physicist discusses the possibility of time travel, force fields, invisibility cloaks, transporters, etc.
    • The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean. A very entertaining collection of stories surrounding the periodic table of the elements.
    • Mr. Tompkins in Paperback (and an updated version, The New World of Mr. Tompkins) by George Gamow. A famous Russian physicist wrote these stories of a world in which the speed of light is just 30 mph so relativistic effects are visible, and more stories of a world where Planck's constant is so large that quantum effects are visible.
  • Here's an interesting article on the physics of skipping stones from Physics Today: Water-Skipping Stones and Spheres

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